Jersey: Secrets of the Sea – The Waterstones Event

Looking forward to the Jersey: Secrets of the Sea book signing at Waterstones on Friday 23rd August 2019 at 5.30pm. I am going to be introducing the book and sharing a reading from the first episode – The White Ship: The Butcher’s Story. Refreshments will be available and there is no obligation to buy a copy. If you love Jersey and its maritime history, this is the event for you! It’s happening at Waterstones, 16 Queen Street, St Helier, Jersey.

Paul Darroch at the launch of Jersey: Secrets of the Sea – August 1st, 2019 at Jersey Library. (c) Paul Darroch 2019

The White Ship: The Butcher’s Story

A ship is gliding home in the winter night. It is bleached as white as bones, and tonight it bears the sons of a King. This is no ordinary vessel. The White Ship dances over the waves, drawn by some unearthly power.

I have never beheld a ship so fair. Each deck is draped in rich gold and plumped with purple cushions. Even the benches are inlaid with jewels. The Blanche-Nef, the sailors reverently call it, seemingly speaking of a living thing. The ship is exquisitely sculpted as if from delicate ice, as sleek a craft as ever graced the seas. The elegance that surrounds us is astonishing. Even up here on the chilly main deck, where I am required to loiter as a common tradesman, I can see the slender timbers of the poop curving like the gleaming ribs of a prize ox.

I truly know of what I speak, for I am Berold of Rouen, master butcher by trade….

(c) Paul Darroch 2019

Jersey: Secrets of the Sea by Paul Darroch is available at Waterstones and WH Smith in Jersey, Maison de la Mare on King St, St Helier and Amazon UK. It can also be ordered direct from Seaflower Books in Wiltshire, England.