The December Reprint has arrived!

Thanks to everyone who has bought Jersey: Secrets of the Sea or Jersey: The Hidden Histories as a Christmas gift. I hope the JSS recipients enjoy discovering the astonishing maritime history of Jersey, from the legend of the lost manor of La Brecquette to the tale of the St Ou├źnnais Quartermaster of RMS Titanic. The JHH readers can look forward to Charlie Chaplin’s appearance at the 1912 Battle of Flowers, where it is believed he was captured on cine-film for the very first time.

As the author, it has been wonderful to see so many positive reviews and comments on social media. The demand for Jersey: Secrets of the Sea has been so strong that the book was even sold out on Amazon for 8 days! My publisher has dashed off a reprint and the book is now back in stock on Amazon and on the shelves of Waterstones Jersey. It’s also available at Maison de Jersey and WH Smith on King Street, amongst other locations.

Best wishes to all my readers for the festive season.